Designing sustainable MOOCs in Europe - training event

Training on designing sustainable MOOCs in Europe

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are complete courses offered for free online. The MOOC participants do not have to pay for a full course experience. But who is paying for the efforts in developing MOOCs and for all the operational costs? Consequently, one of the main challenges in the area of MOOCs is to develop sustainable business models. However, Europe seems to have a distinct model such that many institutions are (becoming) involved in MOOCs. 

This five days training will address the importance of the design and development of sustainable MOOCs. During various interactive sessions ten international experts will enrich your design skills in carrying out a MOOC strategy.
It will relate design issues with the real panorama of MOOCs in context of e-learning in European such that you understand the implications of MOOCs, OER and open learning in general.

The training is open to all without costs. For students and staff of institutions that are partners of the SCORE2020 project a scholarships can be provided (UNED trainees: 300 € and international trainees: 600 €)

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Where:   Room ECO 2,  Ground Floor, Faculty of Economics, UNED.
              Paseo Senta Del Rey 11, Madrid, Spain

When:    12 – 16 December 2016

Agenda is available as download 

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The follwing presentations are available:

1. Introduction and Scope by Darco jansen

2. Analyses of MOOC providers; differences between the regions by Darco Jansen

3. Designing MOOCs: the macro level by Darco Jansen

4. The evaluation, assesment, and certification by Tiberio Feliz Murias

5. Sustainable MOOC design: a quest for scalability by Marco Kalz

6. The means and resources. Openness and opening by José Manuel Sáez López


More presentation will follow soon.